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I'm Magic, I experiment a lot with drawings so it's not often you'll see me draw the same thing twice.
Also I draw furry porn sometimes.

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I've been drawing since I was like 9; trying to recreate game covers, making Pokemon/Sonic OCs, and reading up on How To Manga books. I was very into traditional art while in elementary and high school, and the teachers knew it very well (for better or worse) often times I'd get bickered at, but there was the occassional teacher who'd see it as a tool for focusing.

When I was 11 I learned about Newgrounds; all the Madness Combat, Riddle School, Blockhead, Nameless and many more were all so engaging and fun to me as kid, and even as an adult to an extent. I made an account that I long have since forgetten the password (or even username). There was lots of  things that inspired the artist in me! (Also there was porn.)

I got into digital art sometime in 2015, I think. I started out posting on Tumblr and drawing a lot of pony stuff, but eventually I branched out into Twitter. I plan to also make attempts at other websites too. Even though I highly doubt Tumblr would kick me, I thought it'd be nice to expand my reach!

As an artist I mostly draw, but I have made some tries at animation and I really want to create something. I'd also like to dip into music someday.

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